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Shaped by Principles


Shaped by Principles.


Jereme Cowan and Marc Fleischer began their respective careers together as landmen at a major independent oil and gas company headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. They later became in-house counsel with that same company, where Jereme and Marc launched their legal practices focused on oil and gas land titles. Marc left the corporate world in the summer of 2012, beginning his own law firm but continuing his practice focused on oil and gas land titles. Jereme soon followed in the same manner in early 2013. After months of practicing law on their own, they decided to merge their practices in the Fall of 2013, creating Cowan & Fleischer, PLLC. The merger facilitated the acquisition of office space in northwest Oklahoma City's historic Quail Creek area, along with the hiring of staff members.  In a few short years, including the tumultuous collapse of oil in 2015, Cowan & Fleischer has grown to house ten attorneys, each with their own remarkable story.

Looking back at what they were, what they have become, and what they will be, both Jereme and Marc acknowledge that they have been graced by God and by others, to which they proudly claim that Cowan & Fleischer is, and will continue to be, shaped by principles and shaped by others. Thus, Cowan & Fleischer is not only a collection of attorneys proud in what they do but proud in how they do it.


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